Truck Financing / Credit

At Freightliner of St. Cloud, we offer a variety of truck financing options to assist you in getting into a new or used truck. Whether it’s one truck or an entire fleet, we have the ability to provide a variety of financing options that fit what you are looking for.

Backed by Daimler Truck Financial, we have access to a wide range of truck financing options for those that qualify. We offer:

  • Competitive interest rates for new trucks
  • Low down payments options on approved credit
  • Longer finance terms for creditworthy buyers
  • A variety of payment structures


Freightliner of St. Cloud’s Truck Finance Team can help you secure the perfect financing options for your growing fleet. Whether it’s 10 trucks or 100 trucks, we can offer conventional retail financing at competitive interest rates and up to 100% financing for qualified customers.

We and Daimler Truck Financial can accommodate the financing structure you require. And if you need a credit line for extended deliveries or to keep your normal operating lines free for other needs, we can help!


Freightliner of St. Cloud understands vocational and municipal buyer finance requirements and we are ready to help you build a finance structure that best matches your needs and to maximize your budget.


Use the links below to complete or print out your truck finance credit application. If you are not sure which application to fill our, our Sales team is ready to help, we are just one call away!

Submit completed application so our Freightliner of St. Cloud Truck Finance and Insurance Coordinator and we will process and get back to you as soon as we can.

Fleet Credit Application
Vocational/Municipal Application

Use the links above to complete or print out your application. If you are not sure which application to fill out you can speak to someone on our sales team. If you are sure you have the right application then fill it out and submit or bring it to Freightliner of St. Cloud.


Daimler Financing and Credit Product Guide
Learn more about the programs and applications listed on this page.

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