Looking for a Semi Truck Engine that performs

Freightliner of St. Cloud is your home for semi truck engines. Our sales team will help you identify the Detroit™ or Cummins engine that you need to handle the jobs you have. Whether you need a semi truck engine for medium or heavy duty, on-highway or vocational, we have the options to fit your needs.

Our sales team knows that high performance paired with efficiency and cost-saving technology is what you care about. With our Detroit and Cummins semi truck engine options, we have a variety of engine options and we will help you find the perfect fit. If you are an owner operator or managing a fleet, the engine you choose becomes the heart of your tractor, let Freightliner of St. Cloud get you started.

Detroit and Cummins Semi Truck Engine



Detroit DD5 Semi Truck Engine

Medium Duty Diesel Engine
Detroit DD5 Semi Truck Engine

The all new Detroit™ DD5 engine is the perfect fit for medium-duty short-haul operators. With maintenance intervals of up to 45,000 miles, the DD5 will help you work longer.

Detroit DD13 Semi Truck Engine

Performance and Fuel Economy Diesel Engine
Detroit DD13 Semi Truck Engine

Top fuel economy, easy serviceability, and consistent performance are what you can expect from the DD13. Designed with regional distribution and vocational application in mind, the DD13 engine with BlueTec SCR emissions technology gives you the bottom line that your company strives for.

Detroit DD15 Semi Truck Engine

High Performance Diesel Engine
Detroit DD15 Semi Truck Engine

Redesigned to reach an even higher performance level, the Detroit™ DD15 gives you a reduced weight to become more compatible with EGR technology. The DD15 is engineered with the following industries in mind: construction, distribution, dump, fire and emergency, government, motor home, oil & gas, and refuse.

Detroit DD16 Semi Truck Engine

Fuel Efficient and Low Emission Diesel Engine
Detroit DD16 Semi Truck Engine

Equipped with BlueTec SCR emissions technology, the Detroit™ DD16 is designed to tackle the toughest jobs while still giving you the reliability and fuel efficiency you are looking for. The DD16 is the most powerful engine produced and is proven to be able to handle the toughest loads.



Cummins B6.7 Semi Truck Engine

Medium Duty Diesel Engine
Cummins B6.7 Semi Truck Engine

Let Cummins lead your medium-duty fleet with the B6.7 engine. Maximizing uptime with a low cost of operation and flexible engine options, the B6.7 allows multiple injections per cycle increasing performance while minimizing noise and emissions.

Cummins L9 Semi Truck Engine

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine
Cummins L9 Semi Truck Engine

The Cummins L9 engine gives you the reliability you need when you are on the road. With one of the highest power-to-weight ratios, you can relax knowing that your heavy-duty engine needs are being met and then some.

Cummins ISL G-Natural Gas Semi Truck Engine

Natural Gas Engine
Cummins ISL G Semi Truck Engine

Natural gas engine efficiency is what you can count on with the Cummins ISL G engine. Lower emissions, improved performance and lower costs are just some of the benefits you will see when you are looking for an environmentally friendly solution for your vocational, medium, and heavy-duty needs.

Cummins X15 Heavy Duty Semi Truck Engine

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine
Cummins X15 Semi Truck Engine

Designed and manufactured to deliver reliability and durability. That is what you can expect from the Cummins X15 engine. The toughest engine for the toughest jobs.